The CBD is Dead, Long Live the CBD! Cannabinoids on Trial.

Before you put down the tincture, let’s be clear. CBD has proven to be a product category with sticking power and growth which is second to none. Yet, is CBD dead? In the least, Cannabinoids are on trial.

Considering the CBD NJ Shop’s direct consumer interactions, and subsequent testimonials, CBD has its value, and purpose, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether our customers have sought CBD for relief from migraines, anxiety, pain, or even addiction, these “proven” uses are only allowed to be stated by end-users, not growers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers. At present, the FDA restricts the public disclosure of such benefits without extremely costly, time-insensitive, medical research. In turn, ironically, the FDA might have inadvertently grown the Libertarian base a bit — lest we digress. Yet, this says nothing about why our king might dead (it’s not but let’s talk it out).

The Hemp Plant, through its century of persecution, can produce over 120 different cannabinoids — including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, CBDA, and many, many, more. Because of the antiquated global legal posture against Hemp, the positive bio-physical effects of CBD, and all other cannabinoids, have been stifled. What positive benefit does a mammalian body receive from these compounds? Scientifically speaking, not considering consumer testimony, humanity doesn’t have firm land to stake claim. There are studies… but the FDA likely doesn’t care about them. The FDA isn’t trying to kill our King but is there now a Knights of the Cannabinoid Table instead?

The year upon us, 2020, will likely provide the following:

  1. The FDA will impose their feudal CBD rulings upon us without consideration of ever-growing public benefit. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Consumer protection is very important. The FDA is arguably why we have meat grades — including “Spoiled” and “Unfit for Human Consumption”. Before the “Evil FDA”, your Grandpappy’s Grandpappy likely had experienced the negative health effects of eating heavily spiced rotted meat.
  2. CBD product offerings will become CB* product offerings. The growing understanding of how different Cannabinoids affect the body will soon allow tailored solutions for specific consumer issues.
  3. Continued falling prices on CBD source materials and rising prices on CBN, CBG, and other “rare hemp” Cannabinoids.
  4. A still ever-growing acceptance and usage of Hemp Products in the US, Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

We’re still at the infancy of how Hemp (and Marijuana) can help relieve the public from the century-long monopoly on a fundamental pharmacological physiological chemistry monopoly (Pharma for short). Thanks — tongue & cheek here — to the Big-Pharma Funded Opioid Epidemic, cannabinoids are here to stay.

I look forward to the future with you.

Long Live the King!

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