Urban Sadhu Yoga - Tranquility CBD Lavender Lotion

Urban Sadhu Beauty – Developing Custom CBD Products – A Brand Success Story

When we were first contacted by Austin Sanderson, and his partner Bob Hranichny, in late March of this year, it was clear that they have a vision. As they both run a successful, and well-respected, Yoga studio in Jersey City, NJ called Urban Sadhu. They described their desire to create a line of CBD products designed to support a Yoga Wellness lifestyle. Quality and effectiveness were the most important factors. While there are many considerations when developing a line of custom CBD Products – including shelf life, aroma, cost, and ingredient formulations – their vision was clear, there was a …

Litty Bites - Delta-8 THC Gummies - Grab and Go Packs

New Delta-8 THC Products Available!

With the growing popularity of Delta-8 products, we’ve been actively securing additional unique, top-quality, Delta-8 Products. These new products include 8 varieties of bulk Delta-8 Flower, 3 varieties of Delta-8 Pre Rolls, the new Litty Bites Grab & Go Delta-8 Gummies, Dr. Blaze 1000mg Delta-8 Tincture, 2 types of Delta-8 Chip Snacks, and 9 different types of Delta-8 Cereal!

CBD NJ Shop now Carrying Matcha Tea with CBD

We’ve recently partnered with Plus Products so that we can provide our customers with their Matchabis Tea. It combines Matcha Tea with CBD to create a double dose of awesome stuff for your body. The CBD NJ Shop is now carrying individual serving packets (great to sample if your not ready to commit to a box) and boxes of 20 packets for purchase. Discounts are applied on boxes of 2 or more and individual packets of 4 or more. These discounts may not last long so get some Matchabis at discount while you can.