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CBD Products on the Red Carpet – Which Celebrities Advocate CBD Use?

A growing number of Americans are opening up to the potential health benefits of using CBD Products. Each individual user has their own experiences and their own reasons to use the particular type of CBD Product for their particular purpose.

Our team wanted to provide you with the which Celebrities are using CBD and why. We hope that this information will provide you with the knowledge needed to make the best choice for yourself and your health.

NameTheir Passion for CBD
Kim KardashianHer 4th child’s baby shower had a CBD theme. One of our partner manufacturers was at the party and said that the celebration was very impressive.
Melissa EtheridgeShe used CBD for relief after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
Whoopi GoldbergShe is an advocate of CBD use for a woman to deal with menstrual cramps, nerve pain, and menopausal discomfort. She personally uses CBD for Glaucoma, pain, and stress.
Tommy ChongHe has publicly stated that CBD helped him fight prostate cancer.
Snoop DogMust we say more?
Michael J. FoxConsidering he has Parkinson’s disease, Michael J. Fox has used CBD products to help with the negative effects of Parkinson’s. His foundation has funded research that preliminarily suggests that CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
Olivia WildeMuch like Melissa McCarthy, she uses CBD for High Heel Pain
Jennifer AnistonHas said CBD helped relieve her Anxiety & Stress without having the psychoactive effects associated with THC products.
Morgan FreemanUses CBD to help with his “severe” muscle pain and fibromyalgia that began after a car crash over 10 years ago.
Montel WilliamsWilliams has been using CBD shortly after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. CBD has resulted in less fatigue and pain for the famous TV Personality.
Seth RogenHe is very passionate about how CBD can help patients with Alzheimer’s disease, which his mother in law has been diagnosed with.
Mandy MooreShe has been using CBD products, much like Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCarthy, on feet to help relieve high heel pain.
Tom HanksHe has been outspoken about how CBD helps with anxiety and how it’s helped with his career. He has also been working with Cornell University to study how CBD could patients with Type 2 Diabetes.
Emma RobertsRoberts is a big fan of CBD Infused bath bombs.
Alessandra AmbrosioUses CBD as a sleep aid when preparing for the Victoria Secret Fashion Shows.
Busy PhilippsSays that CBD helps her to deal with anxiety.
Megan RapinoeU.S. Soccer star uses CBD for a more natural way to manage pain, sleep better, and as a recovery aide from physical exertion.
Anthony & Sergio PettisThe brother MMA/UFC fighters have both stated how they use CBD to help with Pain Management. These brothers prefer the use of CBD over anti-inflammatories like Tylenol and Advil.
Kristen BellShe had started using CBD oil for her anxiety and pain.
Gwyneth PaltrowShe is an advocate CBD Topical Products and is known to promote CBD dinner parties including CBD Infused Food and CBD Infused Cocktails.
Mike TysonWorld Champion Boxer, Mike Tyson, is outspoken for his use of Topical CBD products.
Dakota JohnsonDakota uses CBD Drops while traveling attesting that they help her sleep when traveling on airplanes.
Stacy LondonNot being a fan of Pain Killers, she uses CBD Products to help with her pain after having spine surgery.
Oliver StoneBeing an Army veteran from Vietnam, Stone uses CBD & Cannabis products to help with his PTSD symptoms.
Nate DiazThis UFC Fighter uses CBD Vaping products to help with post-fight recovery including pain management and to help heal his fight related injuries.
Sam SimonAlthough Simon passed away in 2015 from Colon Cancer, he had used CBD products to help with managing his disease.
Whitney PortPort uses CBD Topicals on her skin to help relax and help her skin be as healthy as possible.
Melissa McCarthyAs previously mentioned, McCarthy uses CBD products on her feet to help relieve the stress associated with high heel use.
Jack PlummerRetired NFL Quarterback has been an advocate of Cannabis and Hemp-based products. He has recently supported research into if, and how, CBD/Cannabis products might be a neuroprotectant.
Willie NelsonNelson is a fan of CBD Coffee, CBD Tea, CBD Balms, and CBD Tinctures.
Rob GronkowskiFormer New England Patriots All-Pro Tight End swears by CBD’s ability to help him with pain management for his chronic-injuries.
Paul PierceFormer Boston Celtics CBD Professional, Pierce is passionate about CBD’s ability to aide with pain relief, trauma, and sleep.
Martha StewartStewart has been exploring how CBD might help with “improving the lives of both humans and animals.”
Ricky WilliamsRetired NFL Professional, and Heisman Trophy winner, is an advocate of CBD use after finding “an herbal approach to everyday wellness.”
Bella ThorneBella has been using CBD products to help with her anxiety.
Pete DavidsonHysterical Comedian famously known for his SNL work smoked Hemp Flower to help with his mental health and to relax.
Leighton MeesterMeester, the Gossip Girl star, uses CBD Balms to reduce stress & tension in her shoulders and hands.
Minka KellyKelly uses CBD via a morning drink that relaxes her body and clears her mind.

Knowing why other people use CBD Products is important as each individual is different. We hope that this information helps you figure out how to best receive the benefits of CBD Use.

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