Don’t Be Fooled by Subpar CBD Products

A member of our sales team recently spoke with an operator of a Vape Shop. Had a nice, brief, conversation but after a while, one aspect stood out to me – the products he stocks claim to have more CBD than the products we were discussing. That was what his customers asked about and that’s what he cared about – although he admitted his sales were lackluster at best.

There may be a simple reason for this: CBD is the most expensive ingredient in any CBD enhanced product. Unlike a bag of Potato Chips (where there is honest nutritional information provided by law), some CBD manufacturers have decided to rely on their near zero incentive to be truthful between their Manufacturing and their Marketing departments.

Do you know what is going into your CBD products in your store? Are you selling your customers “High Levels of Lead”? Does the product on your shelf actually have CBD in it? If you think these questions are ridiculous then please watch the following video.

These less than reputable manufacturers can easily have you betray your customer’s trust who want and need your assistance. Are you disenfranchising your trusted customers? … or are you that customer?

The main motto of the CBD NJ Shop is to “Only provide the best products possible”. That is our promise. This is what we do.

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