Special Projects: Advancing CBD Research Through Custom Formulations

Special Projects: Advancing CBD Research Through Industry Collaborations

The CBD Industry, and Cannabinoids at large, is in its infancy. Since the US Farm Bill of 2018, the popularity of CBD has grown at an impressive rate. With increasing consumer awareness matched with increased research opportunities, the CBD Industry is growing in knowledge and capability. Even as the FDA actively lays silent on their opinions, CBD research, and Special Projects, continue to march forward. With the furtherance of important research with the help of industry collaborations, the future of CBD is becoming stronger, and clearer.

The CBD Industry is Growing in Knowledge and Capability Through Industry Collaboration.
The CBD Industry is Growing in Knowledge and Capability Through Industry Collaboration.

Most Hemp Product Manufacturers, to Retailers, aren’t allowed to make Medical Claims: This is an overall good thing. People who don’t have medical education shouldn’t be making unfounded medical claims. This helps protect consumers and the reputation of the industry. One recent shining example of medical claims is the Validcare Liver Toxicity Study. This study was conducted by medical professionals with the assistance of manufacturers in the CBD Industry. It’s a major step forward in the collaboration of two separate industries: CBD, and Medicine. This is one of the first industry-focused research studies that resulted in important, and actionable, data. More of this is needed.

Other CBD studies being conducted that hope to help answer some of the more difficult industry questions. Can Cannabinoids help moderate pain? Does CBD help prevent epileptic seizures? How could CBD help minimize opioid use? What benefits can CBD provide people affected by Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and even Alzheimer’s diseases? Finding medically sound research-based conclusions to these critical questions is extremely important to consumers and should be honored by all involved within the CBD Industry.

What Other Studies Are Happening Now?

At present (April 21st, 2021), there are 12 clinical trials relating to CBD/Cannabidiol. These studies are focusing on topics that include CBD and the potential positive effects of CBD for those affected with Panic Attacks, Sleep Efficiency, Diabetes, Arthritis (& Osteoarthritis), Cognitive Ability to Drive, Chemotherapy, and Neuropathy. These studies are mostly sponsored by members of the medical community who receive a preponderance of latitude currently allotted by the FDA. For CBD Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers, if consumer testimonials were allowed to be considered gospel, then, we’re already aware of the benefits of CBD for our beloved customers. This is an example of the present fracture between medical science and consumer confidence.

How can these two worlds best collide?

What Are We Doing to Help?

Our team firmly believes in the importance of research within the CBD Industry. We diligently support several of our partnered manufacturers to help create, and enable, research projects. These projects include the following:

  • Formulation of custom products with the direction of neurologists specializing in Epilepsy. These custom formulated products are used by Medical Teams to investigate the effectiveness of CBD, and other Cannabinoids, in addressing the symptoms of refractive epilepsy.
  • Actively working on having several types of CBD Products approved for clinical trials in Australia.
  • Supplying high-potency products to a pharmaceutical distributor in Brazil for use by 20,000 patients approved for cannabis medicine by the government.
  • Supply research materials to a University Research Lab in Israel.

These projects, with additional effort, will enable valuable research and provide meaningful results. Cannabinoids have to potential to provide relief to the masses, around the world, who needlessly suffer. If you are conducting or are interested in conducting medical-grade research with CBD or other Cannabinoids, then we hope that you contact us. We are here to help.

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