CBD Vape Deaths From Specific Brands?

The CBD NJ Shop team has been closely monitoring the developments regarding the Vape Injuries and Deaths publicized widely in recent weeks. Since the original warnings posted by the Federal Government, there has been an abnormal amount of misinformation, knee jerk reactions, and silence. Some people were screaming at Nicotine Vapes, then finger pointing at THC Vapes, and now – with some degree of certainty – the blame now rests on the laps of a single CBD Vape manufacturer, YOLO CBD Oil. Ironically, YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once”. Tragically fitting for a brand that has killed its users. …

Don’t Be Fooled by Subpar CBD Products

A member of our sales team recently spoke with an operator of a Vape Shop. Had a nice, brief, conversation but after a while, one aspect stood out to me – the products he stocks claim to have more CBD than the products we were discussing. That was what his customers asked about and that’s what he cared about – although he admitted his sales were lackluster at best. There may be a simple reason for this: CBD is the most expensive ingredient in any CBD enhanced product. Unlike a bag of Potato Chips (where there is honest nutritional information …

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CBD Explained by NBC News

There is a lot of buzz around CBD these days. Luckily, as CBD’s popularity grows there is an inevitable expansion of the benefits of this Hemp Plant Extract. As it’s been mentioned in this video, there are universal concerns regarding particular CBD products quality and effect. Because of this, the CBD NJ team requires the filing of an official scientific chemical analysis report before we ever consider selling any CBD Products. If you’d like a copy of a particular company’s report we simply ask that you contact us and just ask!