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Urban Sadhu Beauty – Developing Custom CBD Products – A Brand Success Story

When we were first contacted by Austin Sanderson, and his partner Bob Hranichny, in late March of this year, it was clear that they have a vision. As they both run a successful, and well-respected, Yoga studio in Jersey City, NJ called Urban Sadhu. They described their desire to create a line of CBD products designed to support a Yoga Wellness lifestyle. Quality and effectiveness were the most important factors. While there are many considerations when developing a line of custom CBD Products – including shelf life, aroma, cost, and ingredient formulations – their vision was clear, there was a gap in the market.

Yoga Studios often offer topical products that help loosen muscles before a session and a topical that helps with recovery after a session. The effectiveness of these traditional topicals can vary across brands. It was obvious to the Urban Sadhu team that improvements were needed.

Identifying a Need is Only the First Step

Following an initial kick-off call, our beauty and skincare formulator & manufacturing expert, Stefanie, was assigned to lead the ingredient determination and product formulation steps for each of the 4 unique products. Each ingredient, every measurement, all the manufacturing steps, and concentrations of CBD for each product were all determined, tested, reviewed, and finalized during this step of the process. Samples were sent to the Urban Sadhu team for their review and approval. After a few minor changes to one of the products formulas, the 4 different products were approved after receiving stellar reviews from their team and their customers.

As Bobby from Urban Sadhu is an expert designer, he provided us with container specifications and label designs. Once labels were printed, the initial batch of products was created, bottled, sealed, labeled, and delivered.

We’re happy to announce the official launch of the Urban Sadhu Beauty CBD Products: Liberation (vegan peppermint relief & recovery cream – 1000mg CBD), Invigoration (vegan cool + warm topical gel – 500mg CBD), Tranquility (vegan lavender lotion – 250mg CBD), and Lucidity (vegan essential oils blend – 50mg CBD). All these products are also now available for wholesale purchase here.

Quality Collaboration = Quality Results

After several weeks of working together, an idea became a reality. Urban Sadhu has received the first batch of their CBD products that are designed specifically for Yoga and Wellness in mind. The initial feedback from the Jersey City Yoga Community is incredibly positive, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with them. The success of this product launch was made possible through the experience of both the Urban Sadhu & CBD NJ Shop team.

If you’re interested in creating your own Custom CBD Products or want to learn more about White-Label Solutions, then you can do so here.

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