These artisans, High-Quality, Wholesale CBD Chocolates are available in several varieties including Sugar-Free, Almond & Cashew, White & Dark Chocolate, Vegan, and Dairy Free!

We are currently offering two types of Wholesale CBD Chocolates. One is a more traditional Chocolate product. It comes in a chocolate bar format that is similar to Non-CBD Chocolate Products. These Chocolate Bars come with either Almond or Cashew.

The second class of CBD Chocolate products comes in a convenient cube format. These products come in a Tin of 24 Chocolate Cubes. These products come in multiple CBD Concentrations including 120mg, 240mg, and 600mg per tin. They are also available in several flavors including 70% Dark Chocolate, 41% Milk Chocolate w/Coconut, and 32% White Chocolate w/Coconut. These variations also have Sugar Free options as well.

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