So your business is interested in providing CBD Products to your customers. You may be having difficulty finding the correct products that are convenient & affordable. To solve these problems your business can benefit from a Turn-Key Retail Starter Kit. In a few clicks, you’ll have an assortment of awesome products for your customers to enjoy.

These CBD Retail Starter Kits include a Tincture Assortment, a Beauty Product Assortment, and the Maven Retail Starter Kit. These CBD Kits all have their own unique products that your customers will just love.

The Hemp Direct CBD Starter Kit contains 25 tinctures including the 500mg tincture, 1000mg full & isolate tinctures, and the 2500mg tincture. The In Season Beauty kit includes Therapeutic Body Lotions, Mint Lip Balms, Essential Oil Roller, and Body Oil. The Maven Retail Kit contains Soft Gels, Tinctures, Inhalers, Salves, and both the 500mg and 1000mg Topical Cream.

Additionally, we have two Delta-8 Candy Retail Starter Kit, a small and a large. The small Delta-8 THC Candy Kit contains 5 Units of our 5 most popular D8 Candies. The large ∆8 Kit includes 5 Units of all our 19 different Exclusive Hemp Candy.

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