Delta-8 Pre Rolls (∆8 THC) (200 MoQ) (2.5 Grams)

These top-quality Wholesale Delta-8 Pre Rolls contain ~2.5 grams per joint. These Pre Rolls are available in 3 varieties including Regular, Tarantula, and Thai Stick. The Regular Delta-8 Joint contains our standard flower, while the Tarantula contains added Diamond Dust, and the Thai Stick contains Diamond Dust and Keif. These Pre Rolls are contained within a plastic tube and have a minimum potency of 19%.

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Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC Pre Rolls are familiar, convenient, tasty, and potent. Available in three types including Regular, Tarantula, and Thai Stick. Delta-8 has been growing in popularity due to its calmer effects when compared to the traditional Delta-9 THC. These Delta-8 Pre Rolls are larger than others, weighing in at 2.5 Grams per joint.

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