Maven CBD Retail Starter Kit

This Maven CBD Retail Starter kit includes 60 total CBD products which retail for over $3200. This is a great way to provide variety and value to your customers. This Retail Starter Kit provides a lower minimum order quantity across a variety of CBD Products. This CBD Turn-Key Retail package is a great way to provide your customers with high-quality CBD products while providing a great ROI.

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This is a Maven CBD Turnkey CBD Retail Starter Kit For Your Business. It includes 10 500mg Creams, 10 1000mg Creams, 10 125mg Saves, 10 1000mg Tinctures, 10 25mg Soft Gels, and 10 50mg Inhalers. It’s a wide variety of products in a small affordable footprint.

Soft Gel Caps: We offer our most popular soft gels in convenient 30 count jars. We currently offer 25mg soft gels with a broad-spectrum zero-THC formula.

CBD Tinctures: Our tinctures come in three potencies. We offer compliant and zero THC options. We use only the finest hemp oils to complement our CBD formulations to ensure an end product that has the highest potential efficacy for you and your customers.

CBD Inhalers: Discrete, fast-acting, and a great alternative to vapes or smoking. High bioavailability means highly effective relief for many users. This pharmaceutical grade pressurized metered-dose inhaler has a mild vanilla flavor and contains 50 mg of CBD per canister.

CBD Salve: Our proprietary CBD Salve is full of natural oils to help augment the efficacy of the CBD in the formulation. Whether for daily use or for a targeted application, this salve is a great place to start any novice user of CBD on.

CBD Topicals: This is the most effective topical product we’ve tested, filled with beneficial natural ingredients. Enjoy the cooling effect and comfort of these maven high-quality creams!





Suggested Retail


Soft Gels

30 Count per Bottle – 25mg Zero THC

10 Bottles



Tinctures (mint or citrus)

1000mg Hemp Extract

10 Bottles



Inhalers (Zero THC)


10 units




125mg Hemp Extract

10 units



Topical Cream (peppermint)


10 units



Topical Cream (peppermint)


10 units


If you’re looking for alternative products within this Maven CBD Retail Starter Kit, then please contact our Wholesale Accounts Team by either EMailTelephone, or our Electronic Contact Form.