Would Your Pet Benefit from CBD Pet Products?

It’s difficult to see your pet in distress. Any reasonable owner would do anything they could to help their best friend feel better. Whether a pet is in pain, feeling lethargic, and even needs help with seizures, CBD Pet Products have the potential for great positive impact on animal health and wellbeing.

Results of a CBD Pet Product Clinical Study

In a study conducted by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, initial results showed that more than 80% of dogs affected with osteoarthritis had experienced significant improvement from using CBD Products. This study was conducted across thousands of Dogs and is considered the first clinical study of the results of CBD Pet Products.

Although the CBD NJ Shop team is looking forward to additional testing, we do recognize this as a great first step towards a clinical understanding of how CBD Pet Products can help our Four-Legged Loved Ones!

Types of CBD Pet Products

There are several different types of products that exist for pets. Deciding which product would provide the best result for your animal depends on a few factors. These factors can include flavoring, strength, ingredients, and delivery method.

The most popular type of CBD Pet Product is an oil-based Tincture. Using a tincture allows owners, and caretakers alike, the ability to simply add CBD to your animal’s food. Your little puffball is none the wiser. Other Pet Product options include CBD Pet Treats and traditional animal feeds – commonly used with horses – enhanced with CBD.

Flavoring: Most typical CBD Pet Products have little to no flavoring, while others have, for example, a stronger – for example – Salmon flavor.

Tinctures: Strengths vary depending on the size of your animal. Smaller dogs (25lbs and under) may only need 1/4 a dropper of a tincture while your 125lbs puppy might need a whole dropper. Most Pet Tinctures include dosing information clearly described on the product label.

What Ailments Could CBD Pet Products Help?

The most common reasons why Pet Owners give their Beloved Pets CBD Pet Products is to help with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite, Epilepsy, Nausea, Cancer, and many more ailments.

The CBD NJ Shop team believes that more research needs to be conducted. Because of this, we’re interested in working with animal shelters. Our hope is that by working together we can create real, tangible, clinical data for use throughout the Animal Wellness Industry.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities with the CBD NJ Shop team then simply contact us today!

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