CBD Vape Deaths From Specific Brands?

The CBD NJ Shop team has been closely monitoring the developments regarding the Vape Injuries and Deaths publicized widely in recent weeks. Since the original warnings posted by the Federal Government, there has been an abnormal amount of misinformation, knee jerk reactions, and silence. Some people were screaming at Nicotine Vapes, then finger pointing at THC Vapes, and now – with some degree of certainty – the blame now rests on the laps of a single CBD Vape manufacturer, YOLO CBD Oil. Ironically, YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once”. Tragically fitting for a brand that has killed its users.

Why is this most recent information about Vape Deaths most credible? The initial reactions from the Federal Government, specifically our fearless leader, Donald Trump, to ban all flavored vape products was a proofless reaction that wouldn’t have prevented this situation. It would only have prevented a growing industry from operating and, in our analysis, increases the black market, which is inherently riskier.

After analyzing more recent information about this unfortunate situation, it appears that these issues were caused by a handful of bad actors. These brands, including Yolo, Green Machine, and others. These bad actors provide the lowest quality products available. Lab results from government regulators had sometimes resulted in Zero CBD, Synthetic Cannabinoids, and, in some cases, Fentynol! WOW.

This, for us, proves the importance of using and providing the highest quality products possible.

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