Wholesale CBD Products - Terpene Profiles in Review

Terpenes in Review: A Natural Way to Build Better Flavor Profiles?

Terpenes are active organic compounds found in different tissues of living plants. These compounds are also found in the essential oils of many plants. They contribute to the flavor and aroma of the Cannabis plant and act as biosynthetic cellular messengers. Although Terpenes are mostly known for their aromatic and flavor-producing effects they also have unique positive effects on the human body (of which we won’t be discussing here-in). These compounds are common in numerous plants, including Conifer Trees, Perennial Flowers, Cooking Herbs, and Hemp & Cannabis plants. They are what help create unique tastes, smells, and effects across different …

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CBD Explained by NBC News

There is a lot of buzz around CBD these days. Luckily, as CBD’s popularity grows there is an inevitable expansion of the benefits of this Hemp Plant Extract. As it’s been mentioned in this video, there are universal concerns regarding particular CBD products quality and effect. Because of this, the CBD NJ team requires the filing of an official scientific chemical analysis report before we ever consider selling any CBD Products. If you’d like a copy of a particular company’s report we simply ask that you contact us and just ask!