These Wholesale CBD Tinctures are the most Consumer Aware CBD Product. They’ve arguably been around the longest, are easy to use, and are very popular amongst consumers. These Wholesale CBD Tinctures are available across several manufacturers, allowing a variety of options for your business to provide the highest value to your customers. Variations include Cannabinoid Concentrations & Flavors. These Tinctures include options for 500mg Natural Flavor CBD Tincture, 300mg Banana Flavored CBN Tinctures, 750mg Mint Flavored CBG Tinctures, and much more.

We also have White Label options to help you launch your very own CBD brand. If you are interested in a Tincture that isn’t listed, we have options for custom formulations at quantities lower than many others.

Our Tincture Manufacturers include Hemp Direct and Maven Hemp. They are fantastic companies to work with for their quality and value.

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